are heated, is packed, are bought

1. The cheese _____ by us.

2. The fruit ____ as a dessert.

3. Cheese _____ of a milk product.

4. The cheese _____ alone by people.

5. All these products ____ by cheesemakers in factories.

6. During the process the cheese _____ by them several times.

7. Salt ____ into the cheese.

8. The cheese ____ into moulds.

9. Cheese _____ to stores in large round are heated, is packed, are bought pieces.

10. Some new kinds of cheese _____ by people.

Exercise VI.Избери единственно верный вариант.

1. Usually the supper _____ by his mother.

a) is repaired b) cooked c) is prepared d) prepared

2. The waiter _____ the main dishes now.

a) served b) is serving c) are served d) serve

3. The ice cream ________ by them.

a are heated, is packed, are bought) is tasted b) are tasted c) taste d) is tasting

4. The fruit _______ by children of our house.

a) eats b) eaten c) is eaten d) are eaten

5. Many different kinds of restaurants _________ in our town.

a) opening b) is opened c) is opening d) are opened

Exercise VII.Раскройте скобки.

The machines are heated, is packed, are bought (1) ______ (to switch on) at 7.30 a.m. every day and (2) _____ (to switch off) at 5.30 p.m. The factory (3) ______ (to lock) at 6.30 p.m. by our security guards and all the staff (4) ___ (to check) before they go home. We don’t want our jam to disappear! Now as you can are heated, is packed, are bought see, strawberry jam (5) ___(to make) here today. And over there the jars of jam (6) ____ (to put) into boxes by our team. Hartson's jam (7) _____ (not / to export ) because this country buys everyting we produce. It's very important to keep our factory clean so everything (8) _____ (to wash) very carefully every night are heated, is packed, are bought. Of course nobody (9) _____ (to allow) to smoke anywhere in the factory. Now I think lunch _____ (10) (to serve) in the canteen. Let's go there.

Exercise VIII.Прочитайте предложения, потом переработайте предложение, изменяя действительный залог на страдательный (пассивный) залог по эталону.

For example: They produce excellent wines. – Excellent wines are heated, is packed, are bought are produced by them.

Они создают хорошее вино. – Хорошее вино делается ими.

Wine growers all over the world produce wine but I prefer Chilean wine. The wine-making process can take years. Manufactures grow their grapes in vineyards. When they are ripe, workers pick the grapes and take are heated, is packed, are bought them to the winery. Machines press the grapes and pour the grape juice into barrels. The wine experts add sugar to help the fermentation, and them leave the wine, sometimes for several years. When it is ready, machines bottle the wine and the company sells it to wine dealers. The are heated, is packed, are bought dealers distribute the cases of the wine to shops and businesses. And wine lovers all over the world drink the final product.

Exercise IX. Translate.

1. Мы всегда делаем покупки в этом гипермаркете. Тут большой выбор товаров. 2.В прошедший пн она купила овощи, рыбу и мясо на рынке. 3. Где они? - Они are heated, is packed, are bought на данный момент выбирают конфеты в кондитерском отделе. 4. Неделю вспять я купила очень смачный сыр в этом магазине. 5. Какой хлеб ты предпочитаешь? 6. В прошедший раз детки съели все приобретенные матерью персики. 7. Будь осторожен с кипящей водой! 8. На столе лежит копченная и полукопченная колбаса. 9. Эти булочки изготовлены из муки, дрожжей (yeast are heated, is packed, are bought), творога и изюма. 10. Есть много сладкого вредоносно для здоровья. 11. Где я могу приобрести лавровый лист? – Он продается в овощном магазине. 12. Вчера мы не приобрели хлеба. 13.Аня работает в этом магазине? – Да, она работает торговцем. 14. Его сестра работала кассиром в обувном магазине. 15. Позовите, пожалуйста, Павла. – Он на are heated, is packed, are bought данный момент работает с документами, он перезвонит вам позднее.

Урок 4 ТП/б 1 курс 1 семестр

“Food Traditions of Different Countries”


Task I.Разделите слова на две группы: 1)Food и 2)Drinks:

water, meat, potato, cabbage, ham, juice, grape, beer, duck, carp, bacon, cocktail, porridge, veal, coffee, bean, cherry, candy, tea, cake, wine, rice are heated, is packed, are bought, biscuit, cocoa, bread, prawn.

Task II.Translate into Russian the names of different dishes and products.

Breakfast: rice cereal, fried eggs, orange juice, boiled eggs, semolina, coffee, tea, porridge, bread and butter, apple juice, cornflakes, ham sandwich, cheese sandwich.

Lunch: vegetable cream soup, apple pie, boiled fish, sausages are heated, is packed, are bought and stewed cabbage, boiled new potatoes, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, cheese, cold boiled meat, roast chicken.

Dinner: beef tea, chicken noodle soup, beef steak, crab salad, mixed green salad, fried potatoes, mineral water, juices, fruit salad, veal chop, cucumber salad, boiled salmon.

Supper: scallop, cabbage salad, boiled meat, assorted fish, melon, ice are heated, is packed, are bought cream, mutton chop, coffee, watermelon, grapes, pears, roast chicken, tea, roast goose, assorted meat, fish salad.

Task III.Прочитайте и переведите текст, новые незнакомые слова выпишите с переводом.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice drinking has become* much more widespread in recent years. Many people start each day with are heated, is packed, are bought a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Some of us follow special diet regimes. They are based on juices.

Most fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of the antioxidant vitamins, beta carotene and vitamins C and E. They are very useful for our bodies and health.

Freshly squeezed are heated, is packed, are bought juices are better than the shop-bought ones. Citrus fruits can be squeezed by хэнд. With a juicing machine you can make a variety of cocktails.

Many manufacturers add preservatives or addi­tives to packaged or bottled juices. So when you buy ready-made juices, read the label. Added are heated, is packed, are bought sugar or colourings can be harmful for your health.

* стали

Task IV.Назовите предметы, продукты либо блюда.

1.It is something you can drink from. It is мейд of glass and does not have a handle.

2.It is the liquid that comes from fruit when you squeeze it.

3.It is a very are heated, is packed, are bought cold sweet-tasting creamy food.

4.It is used to flavour Food. It is found in the earth and in the sea water.

5.It is something you can drink from. It is мейд of china or clay and has a handle.

6.It is food that people eat are heated, is packed, are bought, usually at fixed times during the day.

7.It is food that is just enough for one person.

Task V**.Найдите в каждой группе слов заглавие блюда либо напитка, не относящееся к ней, поясните собственный выбор:

· baked fish, beef steak, boiled pike-perch, fish steak, fried cod, steamed salmon;

· clear soup, beef lea are heated, is packed, are bought, broth, cheese sandwich, milk soup;

· pork chop, pot roast, fried salmon, hotpot, rump steak, entrecote;

· stewed cabbage, roast beef, carrot cutlets, Russian salad, baked mushrooms, vegetable soup;

· rum, vermouth, sherry, Muscat, gin, champagne.


Task I. Напишите три формы последующих глаголов:

tell, show, ask, open, answer are heated, is packed, are bought, send, buy, give, help, forget, invite, call, serve.

Task II. Переведите на британский язык:

он поведал я показал мы спросили она отправила они ответили я принес вы посодействовали ты запамятовал мы пригласили они позвали мы обслужили ему поведали мне проявили нас спросили им ответили вам посодействовали нас пригласили их позвали are heated, is packed, are bought нас обслужили машину приобрели магазин открыли пирог выпекли фрукты вымыли чай выпили

Task III. Translate into Russian:

1.The dishes are washed by his mother. 2. Cheese is cut with a special knife. 3. This soup is prepared of kidneys and salted cucumbers. 4. He prefers roast goose stuffed with apples. 5. Breadis мейд are heated, is packed, are bought from flour and yeasts.

Task IV. Translate into English:

1. Это блюдо готовят из мяса и овощей. 2. Попроси свою маму выпечь яблоковый пирог. 3. Лимон режется тонкими ломтиками (in thin slices). 4. К этому блюду подают жареный картофель. 5. Стол накрыт. 6. Мы заказали столик в ресторане. Пойдем с нами. 7. Чай подан в прекрасных чашечках.